Face Mask Features

Face Mask Features:


Canadian Zodiac masks were tested by an independent lab (Coanda Research) and have shown a capture rate of %99.73 of moisture droplets >2 microns. This is an exceptional result and far exceed the 70% capture rate of other well-made reusable cloth masks.

 Washable and reusable Canadian Zodiac Masks are a cost-effective option to disposable 1-time use masks. Our current commercial clients are reporting 60-80 uses per mask, or $0.21 per use based on retail pricing. The double layered construction eliminates the need to buy any additional filters.

Two layered construction for durability and comfort

 Outer Layer: 100% brushed cotton flannel. The brushed flannel creates a random fiber orientation that serves as the masks primary filter

 Inner Layer: Athletic lining made of synthetic Tricot built in for comfort and to wick away moisture.