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Moose T-shirt

Canadian Zodiac

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Strong * Silent * Regal 

High quality t-shirts that are designed, printed, stamped and embroidered right here in Canada.


Reserved and confident, moose demand respect in friendships and romantic unions. Moose aren’t overly expressive, but given the chance, they will quietly go out of their way to do something nice for those closest to them. Moose like to pal around with lynx and Sasquatches because there’s no need for idle chit-chat. Love is tender and warm with muskox and beavers. Belugas make great and unusual lovers as moose prefer to take a back-seat to their significant others. It’s sure to end in an unsuccessful fate with muskox and beavers due to persistent petty disagreements that frequently grow into raging arguments. Romantic success with geese is even less likely as geese come with hidden agendas and press all the wrong buttons all at once.