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Goose Hoodie

Canadian Zodiac

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Loud * Stylish * Bold 

High quality hoodies that are designed, printed, stamped and embroidered right here in Canada

Like many Canadians, Canada geese like to winter in the south. In summer, they can be found in nearly every part of Canada. Stylish, verbose and intoxicatingly self-absorbed, Canada geese are the prima donnas of the Canadian Zodiac. Loud, rude and unable to read social cues, Canada geese will eat you out of house-and-home, leaving everyone else to clean up the mess.

What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Geese are all about themselves. They are indiscriminate friends and lovers with a propensity for hooking up with anyone willing to put up with their antics. Geese need to have their egos stroked, have high standards for others but not of themselves. Needing to be the centre of attention at all times, they seek out beautiful people, but not more eye-catching than they are. They go best with other geese, mosquitos, sasquatches and the occasional lobster. It’s nearly always tense and love-on-the rocks with lynx, moose, beavers, muskox and polar bears.

  • 60/40 cotton/polyester fleece
  • Combed and ring spun cotton
  • 60/40 cotton/polyester jersey lined hood with contrast drawstring
  • Tear away label