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Beluga T-Shirt

Canadian Zodiac

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Curious * Social * Chatty

High quality t-shirts that are designed, printed, stamped and embroidered right here in Canada

Beluga whales are the social butterflies of the Arctic Ocean, the Saint Lawrence Seaway and Hudson’s Bay. An incessant talker who flitters from one subject to another, the beluga whale is all smiles and exudes joy. Popular and loveable, this gregarious creature doesn’t like long awkward silences or spending time alone.

Belugas are great talkers but struggle with listening. They love to be loved and showered with gifts and attention. Friendships and partners abound with other belugas, muskox (when not in disagreement mode) and the all-accommodating sasquatch. Romance with lynx is ill advised because they need too much space. Lobsters are off the roster because belugas are too easily offended and won’t get the validation they require. Romance with geese is even less likely because of their all-absorbed egocentric nature and their inability to pay someone else a compliment.